Black & White was a joint exhibition that took place on April 24, 2015, in two partnering galleries in Cincinnati simultaneously: Neihoff Urban Studio (Clifton) and Harvest Gallery (Over-the-Rhine). Works in Neihoff Urban Studio explored the color black and its associations; works in Harvest Gallery explored the color White and its associations. Through a range of media including art objects, performance and new media, artists interpreted the colors black and white both formally and conceptually. Artists manifested ideas and memories that may embrace or subvert this popular but rigid chromatic and sociological polarity. Curated in collaboration by Kate Tepe, Joe Hedges and Modern Makers. Exhibition catalogue developed by Jiemei Lin. 

Artist participants: Nanci Amaka, David Armacost, Joseph Baker, John Cairns, Linda Ding, Sam Dorgan, Kendra Eastman, Rae Goodwin, Susan Guagenti, Tyler Hamilton, Sidney Cherie Hilley, Justin Hodges, Philip Lavelle, Kala Lewis, Emil Robinson, James Schenck, Denis Wellbrock, Evelyn Wilde, Paige Williams, Clint Woods, and Lily Woods.